[cisco-voip] CM 5 -> 6 upgrade issues

Ed Leatherman ealeatherman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 11:08:06 EST 2009

Quick little update on this issue since there were so many helpful
suggestions when I started troubleshooting this.

After a good bit of education and 'engineering' on my part I was able to
load the backups from the night before the upgrade and the night after the
upgrade onto VM's and get a look at the particular device configs before and
after. Nothing looks out of place to me, which is leading me to think there
was some issue with either TFTP, or some communications with the CM nodes
and/or devices which would cause side cars and phones to not register or
recieve phone calls.. unfortunately not something I can really troubleshoot
so well from the lab. The issues with lines disappearing out of the CM
configs seems to me to be human error.. the techs thought some things were
supposed to be there that never were.. helpful (><)

TAC is looking at the logs I collected from the event, i'm getting ready to
update the SR with my own findings from the lab work once I get feedback
from the folks on-call that took the problem reports.

I'll update the list again if anything interesting pops up from this.



> On Jan 19, 2009, at 7:35 PM, Ed Leatherman wrote:
> Hi folks, had some issues after upgrading to CM 6 this weekend from version
> 5, and ended up backing out of the upgrade and rebooting back to version 5.
> Curious if anyone has seen the following issues after upgrading to CM6:
> - Lines on some phones disappearing from the phone and from callmanager
> - ring settings on lines being changed
> - phones registering but not getting calls
> - 7914 expansion modules not coming up
> - Some phones not registering at all
> So far the only commonality I can figure out between the phones
> w/disappearing lines, is that they were programmed back in CM3.X with line2,
> line3, line4 etc line appearances of the same DN, instead of 1 line button
> with multiple max call appearance/busy trigger.
> I did not have the opportunity to do much troubleshooting before changing
> back.. our post-upgrade tests worked fine and I didnt know there were issues
> until after we were back in production time. Since I have a list of specific
> phones that had issues, i'm going to build a CM5 pub in the lab and restore
> a recent backup, then upgrade to CM6 and see if the same problems come up
> with it so I can actually troubleshoot.. provided I can get around licensing
> problems with that.
> I was expecting this to be an easy upgrade, and the upgrade process itself
> went off without a hitch, but ended up being the first one i've had to
> totally back out of.
> Thanks!
Ed Leatherman
Assistant Director, Voice Services
West Virginia University
Telecommunications and Network Operations
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