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Inder Singh isingh68 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:41:30 EST 2009

Hello Antonio:

Your situation as you describe it...

H232 voice Gateway - E1 PRI
PTSN num - 2602300
Phone ext num 3xx
I want that when peopel call 2603301 it go to ext 301 and so on

Not knowing what you have configured so far I will start from the
beginning.  Pardon me if I am repeating things you have already done...

1.  Configure a pots dial peer to accept DID:
             dial-peer voice x pots
             incoming called-number .

2.  Configure a voip dial peer to have the CallManager process incoming
            dial-peer voice y voip
            destination-pattern 26023..
            session target ipv4:your_call_manager_ip

3.  Configure a translation pattern and specify "26023XX", in the called
party transformation text box specify "3XX"

4.  Configure phone with 3xx numbers

This should do the trick for inbound calling.

I hope this helps.

Regards.  Inder.
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