[cisco-voip] Using a third-party SIP phone with CallManager Express

Mark Holloway mh at markholloway.com
Thu Feb 26 15:23:25 EST 2009

Here is an example of using Counterpath Bria with CME.   I am running CME
with a SIP trunk upstream to Broadworks.




Unified CME SIP endpoint config


voice register global

 mode cme

 source-address port 5060

 max-dn 12

 max-pool 12

 authenticate register

 timezone 7

 dialplan-pattern 1 7024305894 extension-length 4


voice register dn  1

 number 7024305894      // This can be the 4 digit TN; SIP Endpoint username
should contain 10 digit number IE. 7024305894 at

 allow watch

 name CounterPath Bria


voice register pool  1

 id mac 0018.8B06.1068

 number 1 dn 1

 presence call-list

 username 7024305894 password 555694 // Ensure credentials/authentication
are in SIP-UA for invite challenges (401 Unauthorized challenge-response)

 codec g711ulaw




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Has anyone successfully registered a third-party phone (like a Grandstream
or other) to CallManager express?


If so do you have a CME config?


I'm trying to register some SIP devices to a CME (I've been told it can be
done), and cannot seem to find the right debugs or anything to figure out
what is wrong in my config!

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