[cisco-voip] Swapping an FXO card for a T1 card in a Cisco Router 2600

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Tue May 12 14:21:17 EDT 2009

a)      Does your IOS support voice cards?

b)      Do you have DSPs?

c)       Is it a generation 2 wic in a generation 1 router?


d)      Do some people call you the "space cowboy"? 

e)      Do some people call you the "gangster of love"?




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Is there anything special I need to do in order to install an FXO card into
a slot where there is currently a T1 card?  I shut down the router (a test
router), removed the T1 card and installed the FXO, but the system doesn't
seem to recognize it.  Do I need to reprogram something?  I am a total
novice at routers.  Any help would be great.  Thanks.


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