[cisco-voip] UCCX Disaster recovery

Matthew Saskin msaskin at gmail.com
Fri May 29 20:05:27 EDT 2009

As far as I know, 2 servers only in an HA pair and they must be at the
same site on a LAN.  If you need redundancy across a WAN, I believe
UCCE/ICM is the only option.


On 5/29/09, Ratko Dodevski <rade239 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, quick question... is there any limitations that prevent me to place UCCX
> servers in different sites and VLANs? The customer has some strange
> requirements, wants to place 3 servers in cluster in 3 different locations,
> and i don't see how to use the 3rd server. I've done only one installation
> of UCCX, and as far as I know, a can make 2 servers to work in HA as
> active-pasive (and this is done with premium licence i think). what should I
> do with the third, and is it posible to work on diferent sites?
> Thanks in advace
> --
> Ratko

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