[cisco-voip] Unity problems getting to voicemail

Jeff Ruttman ruttmanj at carewisc.org
Wed Feb 16 12:57:20 EST 2011

We have one site that is complaining that callers are not getting to
voicemail on occasion, that the "phones just ring and ring or the line
is busy."  People are also saying "the line is busy" when they go to
check their voicemail--on occasion.  I'm trying to get a better
description of just what they're hearing when they say "busy" and what
they mean by "on occasion."
I've been in the Unity tools depot running the Port Usage Analyzer.
Most days around 8 or 9 AM, the Port Availability report shows less than
10 ports available, but other than that short time period, nearly half
of the available ports are not being used.  All those reports in the
Analyzer essentially show lots of and continuous port availability, and
never has availability dropped to zero.  So do I take from that
correctly that running out of ports is not our problem?
Any suggestions on such an issue?  Never had this complain before and we
have 7 other remote offices.
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