[cisco-voip] e164 dialplan conversion

Ben Amick bamick at HumanArc.com
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Inexperienced person here chiming in with a question:
What advantage/purpose does switching to an e164 dial plan afford you? Is it just more of a flexibility to mate dial plan/DNs to DIDs?
More importantly, how would an e164 dial plan mesh with a system where the majority of users do not have DIDs or DIDs that do not match their extension plan?
Is any additional overhead generated by going to an e164 dial plan?
Also, from what I understand, 4-5digit dialing is made possible only by having proper CSS per site with a translation pattern, not through any function of the DN configuration, correct?

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What Florian says is the correct way to do it.
You can also run a sql update against the numplan table which will do 2 things:
1.)I you typoed you are in for a lot of pain
2.)Ucm will load up on change notification (assuming lots of DNs) and might come to halt before recovering

Agent DNs in my experience will reflect automatically. Routepoints and CTI ports you will need to change manually.

Personally i suggest the SQL route as the adrenaline rush is just incredible once you realize you made a mistake.

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Florian Kroessbacher <florian.kroessbacher at gmail.com<mailto:florian.kroessbacher at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hy out there,

throug updateLine this is working

use old pattern & partition
and set newpattern

we have done this for 12000 Lines

Am 21. Sep. 2017, 15:13 +0200 schrieb Bill Talley <btalley at gmail.com<mailto:btalley at gmail.com>>:

I know there have been some conversations around this in the past, but I’m hoping there are new methods for converting from a 4-digit to full e164 dialplan.

Is there a way to change dialplan entries on CUCM and UCCX without having to either individually touch each dialplan pattern or without deleting and reimporting/recreating? Has anyone seen or used AXL/SOAP to automate modification of dialplan patterns, or used PCP or some third party product to accomplish this?

Thanks for any feedback.


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