[ednog] Walled gardens & anycast (oh my!)

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Apr 8 10:19:07 EDT 2005

We are doing both, with a preference on L3-VPNs, but we have 
some L2-VPNs mostly to support the transition of legacy solutions.  
The security video VLAN is transitioning to L3-VPN, but it is still 
mostly L2 at this time.

But we will be adding a new L2-VPN to connect an AS400 to the 
Mainframe using SNA over Ethernet. This will eliminate a fiber 
Token Ring installed in 1985, those lasers are getting old.  We 
could have used DLSw, but that would have required a small router 
deployed near the AS400.  This solution the AS400 plugs into the 
normal infrastructure, nothing extra to deploy and we get network 
management visibility.  Right now the only way we know the Token 
Ring is down is when they start yelling. 

On 8 Apr 2005 Kevin Miller wrote:

> David Farmer wrote:
> >As mentioned UMN is deploying MPLS in our campus network.  
> >We are using to provide separate routing domains with different 
> >policies without requiring separate infrastructure or requiring l2 
> >across the entire campus infrastructure.  The easy example is 
> >ResNet.
> >  
> >
> To answer the original question: We're not yet doing anything MPLS-wise,
> though considering it for the same reasons. (Avoiding L2 across the
> backbone while maintaining a common infrastructure. Also TE
> capabilities.) Dave, are you basically doing L3VPNs or do you have some
> L2VPN happening?
> -Kevin
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