[ednog] Walled gardens & anycast (oh my!)

Kevin Miller kcmiller at duke.edu
Fri Apr 8 09:53:13 EDT 2005

David Farmer wrote:

>As mentioned UMN is deploying MPLS in our campus network.  
>We are using to provide separate routing domains with different 
>policies without requiring separate infrastructure or requiring l2 
>across the entire campus infrastructure.  The easy example is 
To answer the original question: We're not yet doing anything MPLS-wise,
though considering it for the same reasons. (Avoiding L2 across the
backbone while maintaining a common infrastructure. Also TE
capabilities.) Dave, are you basically doing L3VPNs or do you have some
L2VPN happening?


Kevin C. Miller
Network Architect
Office of Information Technology
Duke University

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