[ednog] RFC1918 addresses & BIND views

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 9 14:42:04 EST 2005

Due to the overwhelming response to my "limiting recursion" question, I
have another set of questions to ask:

1. Are you _routing_ RFC1918 within your AS?  (For what applications are
you using RFC1918 addresses?)

2. Do you provide DNS for these RFC1918 addresses?

3. RFC1918 states:

"Indirect references to such [private] addresses should be contained
within the
    enterprise. Prominent examples of such references are DNS Resource
    Records and other information referring to internal private
    addresses. In particular, Internet service providers should take
    measures to prevent such leakage."

In other words, publicly-accessible DNS information should not contain A 
records (or other RRs) pointing to private address space.  If you 
provide DNS, how do you deal with this issue?  Is anyone out there using 
views in BIND?


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