[ednog] Nextel IXO/TAP paging services

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Fri Dec 9 11:19:34 EST 2005

Our network monitoring system had been using qpage with Nextel's 
IXO/TAP modem service to send text messages to our Nextel phones for 
the past several years.  However, at some point not so recently, 
Nextel's TAP service stopped working.  Efforts to contact technical 
support have failed mostly with responses like "What is TAP?".  We 
have been falling back to e-mail SMS gateways like 
10digit at messaging.nextel.com, but this is obviously inadequate when 
our mail system or Internet link goes down.

What have other people been doing to send network event notifications?  
I was thinking that if enough people have this problem and wish to 
cooperate to solve it, we could set up distributed TAP->SMS gateways 
that others could use.  Is anyone interested in pursuing such an 

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