[Heath] Transmitter Type Testing

Bill Cromwell wrcromwell at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 18:05:36 EDT 2015

Hi Ken,

I didn't actually go to the site so I missed that extra space. I already 
have the GE papers but maybe I better go and see if I really have them 
all. Your description of some of the material doesn't ring a bell.


Bill  KU8H

Also, there is an extra space in this string: "> 06%2 0No%203.pdf", 
between the 2 and the zero just before the "No". Removing that and 
writing the entire string did the trick for me. I got it to work after 
some fiddling. If you simply google N4TRB, you will get direct links to 
his RCA Ham Tips and the other GE Ham Notes pages. Personally, I extend 
a big "thank you" to N4TRB for gathering this (to me) historically very 
important stuff together. His scans are very high-quality too. Ken W7EKB 
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