[j-nsp] autonomous-system N loops L / local-as N loops L

Gary Tate gtate at juniper.net
Thu Dec 11 19:58:13 EST 2003

To delete the loops you do the following:

delete routing options autonomous-system loops

There is a PR 41157 open for this bug if you see another core/rpd 
restart you should open a case with JTAC so they can add the 
information to the PR.


On Dec 11, 2003, at 4:36 PM, Jeff Wheeler wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 18:38, Gary Tate wrote:
>> Hi Jeff - can give me your config and can you do a show version brief.
>> I'd like to try and recreate this in the lab here.
> Unfortunately I've already removed the autonomous-system N loops L from
> my configuration, which was actually quite challenging as the CLI would
> not co-operate. Only by deleting routing-options autonomous-system and
> creating it again, was I able to alter the value from loops 2. I had
> this trouble on both my affected boxes, running 6.1R1.4 and 6.1R2.2.
> I also experience the same rpd restart problem on JunOS 6.1R1.4. One 
> box
> was upgraded to 6.1R2.2 to try to fix this problem, without success.
> There is only one routing-instance on both affected boxes, and the 
> value
> used for loops in routing-options autonomous-system is the equal to or
> greater than any configured protocol bgp group foo local-as loops 
> value.
> Further complicating my trouble-shooting process was that rpd would not
> restart on *every* configuration commit. On some occassions I could 
> make
> large changes without trouble, and in other instances, the simple act 
> of
> issuing "commit" after making no changes at all, or simple changes such
> as adding routing-options static routes, would cause an rpd restart.
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