[j-nsp] SONET APS warning?

Steve Holman sholman at juniper.net
Sat Sep 27 22:39:29 EDT 2003

Hi Yu-lin,

Please see in line:

> I use the APS on two sonet interfaces (so-1/1/1 and so-1/1/2) 
> to protect 
> the link between my routers and the SONET ADM. 
> [diagram]
>    +------(working-circuit)-------+               + 
> -----(working-circuit)---------+
>   R1                                  SONET ADM               
>                        R2
>    +-------(protection-circuit)------+           
> +-------(protection-circuit)------+
> Where the so-1/1/1 as the "working-circuit" and so-1/1/2 as the 
> "protection-circuit".
> The protection works fine except two behaviors that I cannot 
> understand.
> First, when I commit the config, following warning messages appear,
> ----------------------------------
> noc at R1# commit 
> [edit interfaces so-1/1/2 unit 0 family inet]
>   'address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32'
>     warning: identical local address is found on different interfaces
> [edit interfaces so-1/1/2 unit 1 family inet]
>   'address ooo.ooo.ooo.ooo/32'
>     warning: identical local address is found on different interfaces
> commit complete
> -----------------------------

Any particular reason you're using a /32 on the PtoP interfaces?  Just
Also, are you using channelized SONET interfaces?  Just curious.  I see
you have two logical interfaces on the same SONET interface.
Are the addresses the same on so-1/1/2 unit 0 and so-1/1/2 unit 1?  It
appears as though these two logical interfaces may have the same

> Second, when I unplug the fiber on so-1/1/1 (the working-circuit), 
> the protection-circuit does take over and the traffic been switched
> to protection circuit. BUT, the ospf session between R1 and 
> remote router
> (the R2) always been reset. (a ospf up/down message is logged 
> in the log file)
> Are those two behaviors normal? ("identical local address 
> warning" and "OSPF reset")

The router views each interface as a separate routing interfaces and
therefore warns you whenever two interfaces have the same address.  This
is normal behavior.

The OSPF reset is normal.  What version of JUNOS are you using?  Some
enhancements have been made to the most recent version of JUNOS to
significantly enhance the speed at which recovery takes place.


> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Yu-lin
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