[j-nsp] IP sec allowed "proxy list / access-list" in JunOS

Andrew Ramsey akramsey at juniper.net
Mon Mar 15 06:25:56 EST 2004


Are you using the ES PIC or the ASP?  The configuration is different for


For ASP:  The documentation for configuring this on the ASP is not so
good :-( .  Maybe an example would help, so I'll see what I can do.
What you're looking for is the configuration for an IPSec rule:


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> hi,
> I have setup an IPSec 3DES tunnel from an M20 to a 
> Netscreen500 which is working without any problems.
> However, the current setup allows ANY to ANY traffic to pass 
> through the IPSec tunnel.
> The netscreen has a "proxy-id" configuration where the 
> prefixes that are allowed to pass through the IPSec tunnel 
> can be specified.
> Can someone direct me to a link where I can find the 
> procedure to do the same on the M20? I searched the Juniper 
> website but could not find anything for the M series routers.
> Thank you
> regards,
> Bosco
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