[j-nsp] PBR Cisco vs Juniper

Edson Cardoso ecardoso at qos.com.br
Thu Oct 21 11:29:16 EDT 2004

Tnks all for help .. :)

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Edson Cardoso writes:

> All, I'm facing some problems trying to convert the Cisco conf below
> to Junos world...The problem is how can I change the next-hop based
> on source-address.... Here is the Cisco conf:

> interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/0
> ip policy route-map noc
> access-list 51 permit
> access-list 51 permit
> access-list 51 permit
> access-list 51 permit
> access-list 51 permit
> access-list 51 permit
> route-map noc permit 20
>   match ip address 51
>   set ip default next-hop

> Any help ??

start with:

interface ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet filter input noc

firewall filter noc {
    term a {
        from destination-prefix-list 51;
        then routing-instance noc;

routing-instances {
   noc {
       instance-type forwarding;
       routing-options static route 0/0 next-hop resolve;

Now if the interface torwards the noc address doesn't really have
anything else you can add that interface to the noc instance and be
done w/ it.

Otherwise... for instance, if it is in a shared media, you are going
to have to add something like:

policy-options policy-statement import-direct-rt-to-noc {
    term a {
        from {
            instance master;
            protocol direct;
            interface <x>;
        then accept;
    then reject;

routing-instances noc routing-options {
                  instance-import import-direct-rt-to-noc;

Or you can also do it via a rib-group that applies to interface-routes
(exercise left to the reader).


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