[j-nsp] Juniper T1 Cross Connect M40

Erik Sundberg sunder at appscorp.net
Thu Aug 11 13:42:22 EDT 2005


We have a juniper m40 and we are tring to setup a cross connect between 2
t1, (cisco-hdlc). The t1's come in to the m40 by a Channelized ds3. I am
looking on juniper site for some examples and reading up on it. just wonder
if anyone has tried this and if there is anything to watch out for??

And if anyone would be so kind to send me a example of a t1 cross-connect
using Cisco hdlc that would be greatly appreciative.

customer router
t1 line
M13 Mux
channelized ds3
m40 crossconnect
channelized ds3
m13 mux
customer router



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