[j-nsp] Routing-instances with different AS'es

Jonas Frey jf at probe-networks.de
Wed Dec 21 13:02:58 EST 2005

Hi Alex,

this is not was i am looking for. I need to have 2 AS'es (or even more)
one the *same* router, not different ones. 
E.g. in general the router should have AS65000 and another
routing-instance with AS65001. This routing instance should then
import/get the routes from AS65000 and announce a specific route to
To sum it up: I want to have an announcement (going out to the net) of a
prefix which then should have an as-path of 65000 65001.


On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 14:26, Alexander Arsenyev (GU/ETL) wrote:
> local-as?
> Code snippet is located at the bottom of this page
> http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos74/swconfig74-routin
> g/html/bgp-config38.html#1015734 . It's not routing-instance specific
> but You could add own RI before "protocols bgp".
> Cheers
> Alex
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> Hello,
> i am just reading through the docs and am trying to figure out howto run
> a second AS inside a routing-instance. 
> What i want to do is basically:
> Router runs with AS65000, got full bgp tables etc.
> Now i want to "add" a second AS in a seperate routing-instance which is
> AS65001. This AS65001 should then announce towards AS65000
> which then advertises this to its peers.
> is connected locally on a fe interface.
> Anyone got a code sniplet which i may use?
> Regards,
> Jonas 
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