[j-nsp] Routing-instances with different AS'es

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Wed Dec 21 13:43:40 EST 2005

Jonas Frey wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> this is not was i am looking for. I need to have 2 AS'es (or even more)
> one the *same* router, not different ones. 
> E.g. in general the router should have AS65000 and another
> routing-instance with AS65001. This routing instance should then
> import/get the routes from AS65000 and announce a specific route to
> AS65000.
> To sum it up: I want to have an announcement (going out to the net) of a
> prefix which then should have an as-path of 65000 65001.

The following config snippet will do what you are asking for... however, 
it seems to me that this would not be in any way different from 
"local-as". Can you explain the difference ?

routing-instaces {
    foo {
	instance-type virtual-router;
	interface <x>;
	routing-options {
	    autonomous-system 65000 independent-domain;
	    instance-import foo-import;
	protocols bgp { ... }
    bar {
	instance-type virtual-router;
	interface <y>;
	routing-options {
	    automomous-system 65001 independent-domain;
	    instance-import bar-import;
	protocols bgp { ... }

policy-options {
    policy-statement foo-import {
	term a {
	     from instance bar;
	     from prefix-list xyx;
	     then accept;
	then reject;

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