[j-nsp] CoS settings

Steve Leibrock sl at datumglobal.com
Fri Feb 4 11:39:53 EST 2005

I have a T1 on a ds3 that I would like to implement either protocol prioritization on or some type of CoS to give voice priority over data on an M20 router.
I have an IAD device that will give voice priority over data from that device but I want to gurantee that on the return path to the IAD voice will also get priority. All data (Http, FTP, Telnet, etc, can be throttled down and limited to 512K if necessary so that 1 meg is always available for voice! If there is no voice traffic - then data can utilize the whole pipe.
Voice traffic uses RTP and I believe the UDP port is 7527. If anyone can assist with the appropriate config. I would appreciate it. 
The interface that I would like to apply this to is; 
Thanks Steve

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