[j-nsp] M10 routing engine memory upgrade

Brian W. Gemberling bwgember at ptptech.com
Fri Feb 25 12:39:26 EST 2005


 	Those should work just fine.  They work for me.


Thank You,

Brian W. Gemberling

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, John Kristoff wrote:

> I've got a couple of M10's that only have 256MB on the routing engine
> and I would like to get them to 768MB.  The Juniper reseller is happy
> to sell the 256MB modules, which after all is said and done comes up
> to a few thousand US dollars.  I checked with JTAC and our local sales
> rep about using 3rd party memory and based on those conversations went
> a little further and discovered this note from Richard:
>  <https://puck.nether.net/pipermail/juniper-nsp/2004-March/002178.html>
> What Richard describes sounds exactly like what I need and I believe
> I've got the equivalent Kingston modules lined up, but I"m not much of
> a hardware expert:
>  <http://www.ec.kingston.com/ecom/configurator/PartsInfo.asp?ktcpartno=KVR100X72C2L/256>
> I suspect no one with an email ending in juniper.net is going to say
> "yeah, go for it, for less than 10% the price of the Juniper branded
> part it's worth it" on this list, but I it would appreciate if anyone
> who's done this before can verify that all this info.
> John
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