[j-nsp] mpls traffic priority when P router

Hristo Todorov htodorov at orbitel.bg
Wed Mar 23 12:29:45 EST 2005

Hello Everybody.

I have the following setup

     Cisco    Juniper    Cisco
     7200      M5         7200

Here M5 is P and connecton between P and PE2 is limited. I have normal
traffic and mpls traffic. I need to give priority to mpls traffic
leaving the router and leave the rest as is.
The mpls is configured with ldp on the cisco side

mpls label protocol ldp
mpls ldp logging neighbor-changes
no mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers frequency 0
tag-switching tdp router-id Loopback0 force

Problem is i dont seem to be able to classify the traffic with the filter.
I matched the ips for the l2transport route on the ciscos
 mpls l2transport route x.x.x.x 200 
but the counter does not seem to count. So i'm not matching traffic. I also don't have options to match mpls as a protocol.

The following direction is needed PE1  via ge unit , PE2 via atm unit.

Sheduler and Scheduler maps for the forwaring-class that need to set priority are already set. 
Thanks for your time.

Cyberly yours,
Hristo Todorov
NOC Operator
Orbitel, Inc.
tel.: +359 2 400 4860, +359 2 400 4737 
fax: +359 2 400 4744

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