[j-nsp] J4300 Specs?

Tom (UnitedLayer) tom at unitedlayer.com
Tue May 10 21:21:23 EDT 2005

I've heard lots of wild speculation about the 4300, and I'm looking for 
someone who knows more than just myth :) I found an article that says a 
J4300 is looking at something like 16Mbps thruput? Thats not really gonna 
cut it heh.

I can't seem to find any PPS numbers on Juniper's website, and I have a 
customer who's very interested in getting one.

I need a Lab/Testing router, so I might just be willing to trade my M5 in 
for one :)

Tom Sparks                                                        UnitedLayer
24x7 NOC Support : 415-294-4111                                       AS23342

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