[j-nsp] Help on BGP

Tommy J sunman_1970 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 7 13:17:37 EDT 2006


I am new to Junipers and I need help over a setup that
I haven't done before. Any help will be more than

We are a small ISP running BGP4 on our M10i. We have
two upstreams A and B who are providing us with a full
internet routing table. And in turn we are acting as
Transit to our customers and providing them a blended
internet routing table with routes from both upstreams
(The best path). 
Now we are getting a demands from our customers who
wants routes only from one upstream only i.e. non
blended internet routing table either routes from ISP
A or ISP B. How can I achieve this? 
I did little research on this subject and logical
routers seem to be an option. 

Any help on this will appreciated. 



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