[j-nsp] M20 stopping forwarding....7.4R3.4

Jonas Frey jf at probe-networks.de
Sun Jul 9 20:24:40 EDT 2006


i just had one of our M20's (redundant RE and SSB) stopping forwarding.
This rather happend slow, first only few connections didnt pass through
and then it increased untill almost nothing did pass through.
Interesstingly i was connected to a machine behind the juniper and could
do things on it. But if i tried to connect (via SSH) another session, it
wouldnt work. 
The M20 didnt log anything, neither via RE nor via SSB. Also no core
dumps were written. Neither did it switch to the redundant RE/SSB. I had
to manually log in and restart the SSB/RE. 
Did anyone observe such strange behaviour before? Its running 7.4R3.4.

Jonas Frey

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