[j-nsp] Cflowd question.

Dennis Ponne dennis at tune-in.nl
Mon Jul 10 05:24:40 EDT 2006

Hi All,

After a while searching for flow tools, I discoverd the package flowtools en 
cflowd tools, installed it and got it up and running, no I have stats 
concerning our network from AS number to AS number, wich protocols are being 
used, and how much traffic they use.

Now I want to see something else and I can't seem to find the specific 
software for this.

I want meassure traffic from a customer subnet (like towards 
other interfaces, so for example:

Customer subnet sends traffic towards transit 1, transit 2, and exchange 
point 1.

Then I want to know based on percentile how much traffic the subnet does 
towards these interfaces.

Does anyone has the software to do this, or a configuration example for this 
with flow tools, it seems impossible for me to find correct and good working 

Thanks for your help,

Dennis Ponne

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