[j-nsp] Cflowd question #2

Dennis Ponne dennis at tune-in.nl
Mon Jul 10 09:39:54 EDT 2006

Hi All,

Is their any known bug in the juniper software?

 send_cflowd: No socket for cflowd

This is what one router says, it will not send any cflow packages, tried 
everything from rebooting the processes (sampled and snmp e.g.), but still 
no output, the same router (m20), with the same software (only at the other 
end of amsterdam), is configured the same and is working!

So can someone please see if this is a known bug the software version on the 
router is:

JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [7.6R1.9]

Depends on:
JUNOS Software Update Release
Copyright (c) 1996-2006, Juniper Networks, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Software version:       7.6R1.9


Dennis Ponne
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> Hi All,
> After a while searching for flow tools, I discoverd the package flowtools 
> en
> cflowd tools, installed it and got it up and running, no I have stats
> concerning our network from AS number to AS number, wich protocols are 
> being
> used, and how much traffic they use.
> Now I want to see something else and I can't seem to find the specific
> software for this.
> I want meassure traffic from a customer subnet (like 
> towards
> other interfaces, so for example:
> Customer subnet sends traffic towards transit 1, transit 2, and exchange
> point 1.
> Then I want to know based on percentile how much traffic the subnet does
> towards these interfaces.
> Does anyone has the software to do this, or a configuration example for 
> this
> with flow tools, it seems impossible for me to find correct and good 
> working
> software.
> Thanks for your help,
> Dennis Ponne
> MuntInternet
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