[j-nsp] Mapping Martini Tunnel traffic to an LSP

Junaid junaid.x86 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 04:02:44 EDT 2008


Is there a way to map Martini tunnel traffic onto a specific LSP. I
have a few Martini tunnels created between two M-series routers that
are connected via redundant WAN links. In order to load balance/share
Martini traffic onto these links, I was thinking of somehow manually
mapping the tunnels onto RSPV configured LSPs between the two routers.
Each LSP follows a different WAN link. I have created the LSP and
verfied that it follows the desired path. Now how can I bind the
traffic of one Martini tunnel with one LSP or any similar solution to
achieve load-balancing/sharing of Martini tunnel traffic over multiple



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