[j-nsp] Why should I *not* buy an MX?

Alexandre Snarskii snar at snar.spb.ru
Sun Nov 9 11:30:31 EST 2008

On Sat, Nov 08, 2008 at 04:15:21PM -0600, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> If you want a Juniper product that has the same limitations as a
> traditional hacked up L2 switching CAM platform, look at the EX. You'll
> quickly start to see the same limitations I mentioned above. Don't think
> of the MX as a switch, think of it as a better T-series without SONET or
> multichassis support for 1/4 the price. What I tell people is this: If

Well, MX is still like T-Series without multichassis, but the SONET
capability will be available with MX-FPC (really, DPC) soon: 

The MX-series will also be enhanced with the addition of a new Flexible PIC 
Concentrator that provides packet over SONET capabilities, leveraging the 
same OC-48 and OC-192 Physical Interface Cards (PICs) used for M- and 
T-series platforms.

(c) http://www.juniper.net/company/presscenter/pr/2008/pr_2008_10_20-14_7.html

PS: Another new DPC announced in the same press-release is MultiService

MS-DPCs are full slot modules that supply hardware acceleration for an 
array of packet processing-intensive services for the MX-series portfolio -
the MX960, MX480, and MX240. These services include advanced SBC functions, 
stateful firewall, NAT, IPsec, anomaly detection, J-Flow accounting, and 
tunnel services. 

(c) http://www.juniper.net/products/modules/100258.pdf

Of course, all those functions are considered value-added services,
and require licenses :) (I do not blame Juniper for that, they are
really introducing new value to MX). 

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