[j-nsp] Load Balancing with LSPs

luis barrios labarriosdl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 17:37:36 EST 2008

Hello .. I have a  PE router conected to a P router with E1s interfaces.  I
built 3 LSPs  and each LSP with the respective path, each Path is taking one
E1. Actually when i see the routing table i see that the routes has 3
posible next hops and they are the 3 LSPs .    I have configured in the
routing table load balancing per packet but it doesnt work well, Almost all
traffic is taking only one E1.

label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_1 {
    to X.X.X.X;
    primary Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_1;

label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_2 {
    to X.X.X.X;
    primary Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_2;

label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_2 {
    to X.X.X.X;
    primary Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_3;

path Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_1 {
    YY.YY.YY.A strict;


path Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_2 {
    YY.YY.YY.B strict;

path Path-Pop1-NodoJDC_3 {
    YY.YY.YY.C strict;


forwarding-table {
    export Load-Balancing;

lbarrios at XX# top show policy-options policy-statement Load-Balancing
then {
    load-balance per-packet;

the route is
X.X.X.X/32  *[RSVP/7] 1d 08:23:15, metric 50
                      via e1-0/1/1.0, label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_1
                      via e1-0/1/0.0, label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_2
                    > via e1-0/1/2.0, label-switched-path Pop1-NodoJDC_3

I have configure VRFs and in the route table of each VRF i see the routes
with the 3 LSPs, but i dont know why the traffic is taking allmost only one

Thanks for your help , i appreciate it so much.


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