[j-nsp] IS-IS Badness with JunOS

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Mon Apr 6 03:06:23 EDT 2009

Hi all.

So we had an interesting one today re: IS-IS between JunOS 
and IOS.

After restarting the RSVP process on JunOS (9.3R2.8 on an 
M10i), IOS (12.2[33]SRC3 on 7206-VXR/NPE-G2) started spewing 

Apr  6 14:01:48.112 SGT: %CLNS-3-BADPACKET: ISIS: L2 LSP, 
option 22 length 24 >
remainingbytes (14), ID xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.00-00, seq 2074, ht 
62838 from *PPP* (POS2/0)

Apr  6 14:02:03.895 SGT: %CLNS-3-BADPACKET: ISIS: L2 LSP, 
option 22 length 24 >
remainingbytes (14), ID xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.00-01, seq 924, ht 
64095 from *PPP* (POS2/0)

We, then, started seeing some very bad IS-IS routing 
nastiness on one of the Junipers, e.g., IS-IS on JunOS 
managed to create a routing loop to the adjacent router, 
claiming the path to a remote PoP was via the adjacent 
router, while the adjacent router was claiming the path to 
the same PoP was through the *bad* Juniper router - a loop - 
yet the link to that PoP is directly attached to the *bad* 

As there was no configuration changes, resetting all IS-IS 
adjacencies on the Juniper fixed the issue. Then IOS stopped 
complaining as above.

Anyone else seen this? The possible relationship to RSVP 
seems scary. Opening a case with JTAC...


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