[j-nsp] RE : Announcing aggregate route via BGP to peers

david.roy at orange-ftgroup.com david.roy at orange-ftgroup.com
Tue Mar 3 14:30:26 EST 2009

The aggregate routes of your peers (EBGP) are more specific than your own aggregate route ? 
If yes, maybe you need to filter (in export) these more specific routes !!
If you do that maybe you need also to add the atomic attribute via the command "brief" at the level "edit routing-options aggregate" !

from {
protocol aggregate;
then accept;
from  {
protocol bgp; 
route-filter longer;
then reject


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Date: mar. 03/03/2009 16:43
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Objet : Re: [j-nsp] Announcing aggregate route via BGP to peers

Hi Chuck,

Chuck Anderson wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 08:44:30AM -0500, John Center wrote:
>> What's happening is by specifying the aggregate route this way, it is 
>> appears to be announcing the aggregate of all the ebgp routes it sees:
> I'm unclear on what you mean here.  Do you mean that it is advertising
>, or that it is advertising all the contributing members
> of that aggregate?
It's announcing all aggregate routes being seen, plus the locally
defined one.  Since we have 2 ISPs, Abilene, local edu peers, etc., this
isn't what I wanted to do.

>> admin at KC-JNM120-1a> show route protocol aggregate
>> inet.0: 277655 destinations, 559869 routes (277481 active, 0 holddown, 
>> 337 hidden)
>> @ = Routing Use Only, # = Forwarding Use Only
>> + = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both
>>     *[Aggregate/130] 18w6d 00:22:28
>>                       Discard
> That looks correct.  If you add "extensive" you can see what the
> contributing routes are.
>> But, the ebgp routes were still being announced, with a next hop of 
>> SELF.  I'm at a loss on the best way to approach this problem.  I only 
>> want to announce the locally-defined aggregate, not all of the others.
> Do you want to control which routes contribute to the aggregate?  You
> can define a policy for that.  For example, to only allow static,
> direct, and OSPF routes to contribute to (make active) the aggregate:
All I want to announce is the locally-defined aggregate, not the
contributing static routes nor the ebgp aggregates.  Coming from the
Cisco world, I would just have a network statement & that would be
sufficient.  But, JUNOS behaves differently, & I'm still learning how
best to handle this.



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