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Probably the real question is what you wish to accomplish with communities -
do you want to use them just for marking "interesting info" or do you want
to use them for filtering?  You can also take them to the point of allowing
your downstream BGP customers to influence their traffic through your

Communities are very cool in my opinion - but you need a good "plan of
attack" for utilizing them to save yourself headaches..;)


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Hi all,
I'm having some trouble identifying the proper way to define some
communities.  I've read this:


but still have questions.  Let's say I have three communities 1234:100,
1234:250, and 1234:375.  According to the docs, it appears they should be
defined as such:


However, I have several community definitions that seem to work in the
following format:


I would think that the first one is the way to go, but it appears that both
work.  Is one a "more righter" way of defining these communities?


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