[j-nsp] EX unsupported filter policer and actions on loopback lo0

Chris Morrow morrowc at ops-netman.net
Fri Dec 17 14:37:03 EST 2010

On 12/17/10 14:03, Jack Damn wrote:

> Anyone wants to join me here and urge Juniper to do something about
> this ? Please reply and express your discontent, they are monitoring
> this list.

I wish you hearty good tidings in your endeavor... I don't see movement
from Juniper on this front, at all.

> It seems to me they are not taking this matter very seriously. Time
> flies and nothing changes.

The EX, for some reason, is never required to meet the same
functionality testing and results as the other Juniper routing platforms
are... It's quite sad that Juniper put this product out ignoring ~10
years of industry best practices/standards/experience/knowledge.


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