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On 12/17/2010 6:06 PM, Stefan Fouant wrote:
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>> A co-worker and I have both gotten calls offering deals to get
>> vouchers for free Juniper certification exams by the end of
>> the year. I was wary at first, but it seems to check out. I
>> wish I had more than two weeks with to study, schedule, and
>> take a certification exam. Especially when those two weeks
>> include major holidays.
>> But I was just curious the angle behind this. Anyone know
>> the reason they're doing it? And why I couldn't have gotten
>> a call like this, oh, a month ago when it would have been
>> reasonable to actually get a cert or two done?
> I've received the same calls and the funny thing is that I literally already
> have every certification they are offering on the FastTrack web site... it's
> completely legit though so no need to worry.  I believe the angle is they
> are trying to wrap up end of year with a bigger boost in certifications,
> perhaps for budgetary purposes or maybe for marketing to tout the large
> number of certifications attained?...
They've been offering those deals to partners for a few years now. We 
assumed it had to do with market share, evangelism, breaking into the 
enterprise market and the credibility Stefan alluded to. Following 
instructions and passing the exam (minor detail, but apparently 
essential) does indeed lead to a legitimate certification issued in your 
name (for the advertised price).
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