[j-nsp] L2VPN/L2Circuit and Vlan transparent

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Wed Mar 17 13:25:37 EDT 2010

On Thursday 18 March 2010 01:15:56 am youssef chagh wrote:

> Can I connect 2 sites (cisco switches ) each one to an
>  Extreme with a trunk ports (many vlans on the ciscos ),
>  and using a L2VPN/L2circuit , so that the entire path 
>  between the 2 Extreme will be vlan transparent (It's
>  like the QinQ   )?

If you run the pw in port-based mode (which, it appears, you 
would given the PIC's you have on the M7i and M20), you 
should be able to pass Layer 2 control and data frames 
transparently between the Extreme switches, as though they 
were connected back-to-back.


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