[j-nsp] ERX310 PPPoE and multiple Virtual-ro​uters

Tom Teeuwen tom at tomteeuwen.eu
Mon Nov 1 14:24:25 EDT 2010


I'm configuring an ERX310 for PPPoE termination.

From the all DSLAM's we get about 190 tagged VLAN's.

So for every VLAN i need to create a subinterface.

Now we want to create multiple virtual-routers for customers who want to get an VPN.

In the basic setup without VR's(only the default) i have a profile bounded to an subinterface.

The profile config:

profile Test
 ip unnumbered gigabitEthernet 1/1.102
 ppp authentication virtual-router default pap

Now I created a VR and a domain-map and mapped a domain to the VR

But the PPPoE request is comming from the same subinterface as above specified (where i attached a profile to the subinterface)

Problem is that I only can attach one profile to a subinterface.

I want the following:

- based on a domain attach the PPPoE session to a specific VR

- PPPoE request can come from different subinterfaces


Customer 1 form subif 1 to VR-A

Customer 2 from subif 1 to VR-B

Customer 3 from subif 2 to VR-A

Customer 4 from subif 2 to VR-B

Kind regards,


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