[j-nsp] load balancing in Route reflector scenario

Stefan Fouant sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net
Wed Aug 10 16:06:48 EDT 2011

Have you tried the advertise-inactive knob on the RR? I can't guarantee that this will work but it just might also advertise the route towards PE3 as well.

Of course, if this works, then you would need to enable multipathing on PE1 accordingly.

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On Aug 10, 2011, at 2:44 PM, biwa net <biwa2go at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All
> I have a setup where I need to load balancing routes received from 2 RR in
> IPV4 environment (not VPN-IPV4)
> I have my  PE (let's called PE1) connected to 2 RR (cluster), my destination
> subnet eg: is behind 2 PE (PE-2 and PE3) which are also client
> of the same 2RR
> PE-2 and PE3 are sending the same route to the RR ,  which as
> per normal behavior is selecting the best route to PE1  ,
> My issue is that RR is always advertising the route through PE2
> (due to lower router id) as best path and I would like to load balanced it
> through PE2 and PE3
> Anyone can recommend a way to load balance ?
> Unfortunately I dont have a lab to test any solution and there are live
> traffic on this ,so all I can do is guessing is whether the below 2 option
> would work or not.
> 2 option I have
> 1.So here I am trying to thinking about testing the multipath command under
> the RR configuration  to see if I am receiving routes from both PE or not ,
> 2.  try to put all devices them in routing instance VRF , with the BGP
> configuration under it (both RR and client) , and RD configured in the VRF
> (but not putting any vpn family under bgp) so that it stays IPV4 routes ,
> maybe I could cheat the RR to believe these are 2 differentes routes due to
> the RD, but dont know if this works or not .
> anyone has had similar issue and found a workaround ?
> does the 2 option above actually work or not ?
> thanks for any input
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