[j-nsp] ASR9001 vs MX80

Tima Maryin timamaryin at mail.ru
Tue Aug 7 04:56:26 EDT 2012


have a look at:

and the whole thread:

They are about mx480 vs ASR9006, but most of stuff still applies.

On 07.08.2012 10:22, William Jackson wrote:
> Hi
> Having used the MX80 in a previous position and now being prompted to look at the ASR 9001, I was wondering if any people have operational experience with the ASR9001 platform?
> Or any thoughts on comparison.
> These will be used for IPv4/IPv6 eBGP transit and for MPLS L2VPN/VPLS drop offs, thus all the VLAN tagging, rewriting shenanigans!!
> thanks

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