[j-nsp] Mx5 traffic generator

Rodrigo Augusto rodrigo at 1telecom.com.br
Sun Aug 18 16:31:22 EDT 2013

Hi folks!
Does anyone knows if can i generate traffic from mx to mx?! Like iperf or ostinato... 

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Em 18/08/2013, às 16:56, Giuliano Medalha <giuliano at wztech.com.br> escreveu:

> People,
> Someone on the list have implemented virtual chassis using EX8208 before ?
> We are looking for some sample of configuration related to a firewall
> filter (Ex. PROTECT-RE) for EX8208 in a Virtual Chassis Environment ?
> Is it possible to use the same loopback address ?  It will protect the
> external XRE200 at the same way ?  Is it correct ?
> I am looking for some reference inside JUNIPER web site without sucess.
> The VCP ports must be configured with any kind of filter ?
> The input policer is not permited in loopback 0 ... how is possible to
> policer ICMP packets for example ?
> Does anyone on list has some experience with that ?
> Thanks a lot,
> Giuliano
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