[j-nsp] igmp proxy on EX

Volodymir Samodid admin at ovid.org.ua
Tue May 21 10:35:29 EDT 2013

Hello all,
  I need help of community.

There are several question about multicast and EX.

At this moment I have the following scheme:

mcast_iptv_vlan (access) --- host 1
<ISP> ---- Mcast_iptv_vlan (tagged) ---- ex3200 ---- mcast_iptv_vlan 
(access) --- host 2
mcast_iptv_vlan (access) --- host 3

Workstations can join to the multicast group and everything works. On 
the EX switch  igmp, igmp-snooping services  disable, ie it works as a 
simple L2.

But I have a lot of user in different vlan and I want to give them the 
opportunity to receive a multicast stream.

  Scheme should be something like this

----- User_vlan1 (access) --- host 1
<ISP> ---- Mcast_iptv_vlan (tagged) ---- ex3200 ---- user_vlan2 (access) 
--- host 2
------ User_vlan3 (access) --- host 3

Ex3200 runs as  L3 router and default gateway in the user`s vlan.

If I understand right, EX must provide multicast routing. And if it 
posible, do not do changes on  ISP side.

In the case of Linux router I will use the igmp-proxy. But  I would  
like to do it on the EX, if it is possible, without  additional devices.
I have studied some info from juniper KB but have not found a suitable 
solution. If I properly understand proxy option in the igmp-snooping - 
allows to proxy traffic only in the same vlan,
not in many at once.
Also i can not test / experiment, because  EX under load. It will be 
very vary sad, if some thing going wrong/

P.S. Sorry for my English


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