[j-nsp] MX80 Route table Size

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Mon Sep 23 04:51:54 EDT 2013

On (2013-09-23 11:24 +1000), Luca Salvatore wrote:

Hi Luca,

> I can't seem to find how many IPv4/IPv6 routes the MX80 range can support.  I know it can do the full BGP table but the info does not seem to be anywhere on juniper.net.
> I'm sure it used to be…. Perhaps I'm blind.  I can find it for EX switches but not MX gear.

The HW has exactly same 256MB RLDRAM as rest of Juniper high-end gear,
including T4k. I.e. FIB is identical in all MX and new trio generation T

You can see how that memory is spread and populated via 'start shell pfe
network tfeb0' and 'show jnh 0 pool ...'

> Does anyone have a like to official juniper doco that states the max route table for MX80?

Any number would be only indicative/marketing. Much as same as if you'd ask
how many routes can your laptop handle, it would depend what else will be
using the memory.
I'd say 1M is reasonable figure, maybe in some environments you could push
it to 1.5M but you'll certainly not going to see 2M.

I worry about this bit, as I already have boxes with >800k IPv4 prefixes.


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