[j-nsp] Thoughts on MX80 v MX104 RE performance

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Wed Apr 22 11:01:21 EDT 2015

On (2015-04-22 16:14 +0200), Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:


> I think that we will see an Intel CPU based RE on MX104 in the future.
> It just doesn't make sense to have one PPC platform for which custom
> code must be written. The MX80 will probably go EOL in that case.

Juniper has tons of non-intels, most of them PPC. All switches, ACX, SRX
(cavium, ppc, intel), I don't expect JNPR will reap any significant OPEX
savings by killing of PPC MX.
Even in Intel MX boxes, your linecard CPU is still PPC, so stuff like message
passing RP<->LC CPU without worrying about endianness never was viable.


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