[j-nsp] L2Circuit with BGP/LDP

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Thu Feb 19 09:44:31 EST 2015

On 19/Feb/15 16:29, Peter Ehiwe wrote:
> you can try enabling labeled-unicast address family for family inet
> under bgp and advertise the loopbacks over that session. so the
> transport label will be signalled using BGP , then you can do a
> targeted LDP session between the loobacks of both PEs and then
> configure L2ciruit to exchange the VC labels .
> i have set up something similar in the lab(except that it is inter-as
> l2circuit but the principle is the same) and it works fine .

Right, RFC 3107.

That should work. I've just never done it myself, but the tech. should
support what the OP needs, as you rightly describe.


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