[j-nsp] DPCE-R-4XGE FIFO errors

Kevin Wormington kworm at sofnet.com
Wed Oct 28 13:31:09 EDT 2015


I was playing around with a 10G test set and sending 68 byte packets at 
layer3 to a 10G port on a DPCE-R-4XGE-XFP and I'm seeing receive FIFO 
errors incrementing and packet loss above about 7.1gb.  The docs says if 
that counter is ever non-zero it could be a bad PIC but I've tried two 
different cards, SCBs, XFPs, etc. and it's the same result  This is on 
an MX240 13.3R7.4 with SCB-MX960-S.

It performs at full 10G with imix traffic and anything above about 88 
byte packets so this would probably never be seen in the real world but 
I was curious if anyone had seen this and/or if there are any knobs that 
can tune it?



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