[j-nsp] MX104 capabilities question

Timothy Creswick timothy at creswick.eu
Tue Jun 7 14:37:19 EDT 2016

> So the next bump up (which is an investment no doubt) is the larger MX
> series. The MX240 has two card slots available. Using 16x10G or 32x10G will
> yield a nice port density. One school of thought is since the MX480 bare
> chassis is not much more than that of the MX240, it makes more ROI sense
> just to opt for the larger chassis. YMMV

Don't forget that the support is going to be higher on the 480 chassis. 

Also, technically you can run 3 MPCs in the the MX240 if you only run one RE. We do this, and then we deploy the MX240s in pairs which provides full chassis redundancy which makes us much more comfortable.

This would be hard to do with the MX480 since the chassis is physically so much bigger - two in a rack is a huge amount of space.


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