[j-nsp] Segment Routing ( SPRING )

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I don't have answers for you Clarke, hopefully others out there will...

But, I do have a question...  Does SPRING require an IGP ?  And if so, is
ISIS the only IGP that SPRING will/can use?


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I am working my way through _MPLS in the SDN Era_, and I really am intrigued
by what I read about SPRING.

I got burned a few years ago trying to deploy RSVP for traffic engineering
purposes, and I ran into so many serious JUNOS bugs, I had to abandon it and
use LDP to handle labels and stick with IGP metric manipulation to do some
basic traffic enginering.  Since I do not need bandwith reservation, I have
actually appreciated the simplicity of LDP.  But it looks like SPRING does
pretty much the same thing, with less control plane overhead, which is even
more attractive.

I have a few questions for those who might know:

(a) How mature is SPRING, considering that the ISIS IGP it is built on is

(b) Are there any noticeable behavioral differences between SPRING and LDP

(c) Do we have any idea when P2MP LSPs will come along with SPRING? Will it
need to be coupled somehow with PIM?


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