[j-nsp] QFX 5100 and VLAN-CCC Unicast SNMP Counter wraping

Alain Hebert ahebert at pubnix.net
Mon Sep 25 08:38:12 EDT 2017


     Is it common knowledge that the Unicast Packets (Both In & Out) 
COUNTER32 for VLAN-CCC wrap at 0x3fffffff instead of 0xffffffff?

Model: qfx5100-48s-6q
Junos: 17.2R1.13

     I have plenty of example from snmpget (sample taken every 10s) that 
show the counter around 0x3fffffff.  aka: 1,073,640,642 (0x3ffe74c2) 
before wrapping down into the 200k region. Which match my iperf of 80k 
pps running on that VLAN-CCC

     PS: Wasn't fun trying to explain that to JNP Level 1 JTAC guy.  I 
was really expecting that he would understand basic computer science 
concept as what is hex and what's wraping.

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