[j-nsp] iSCSI on EX4550 switch port

Jonathan Call lordsith49 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 19:28:12 EDT 2018

I have a NetApp using iSCSI sitting on an EX4550. The iSCSI port on the EX4500 is dropping packets on a regular basis, but its queue length is always zero:

  Queue counters:       Queued packets  Transmitted packets      Dropped packets
    0 best-effort                    0           1518576563              1510331
    1 assured-forw                   0                    0                    0
    5 expedited-fo                   0                    0                    0
    7 network-cont                   0               138429                    0

Before I start messing with queues/Class of Service setting I'm curious if anyone has seen this before and might steer me in a good direction to find out what is going on? (Other than getting rid of this old EX4550)


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