[j-nsp] MX480 Show Chassis Hardware irregularities

Cassell, Brandon bcassell at oar.net
Fri Jun 8 14:04:23 EDT 2018

Output of a 'show chassis hardware extensive' also displays incorrect (old) serial. 
I'm looking into the 'restart chassis-control' as well, the chassis has redundant PEM's in it, but I'll have to wait until we have someone onsite who can pull that for us. 


On 6/8/18, 10:36 AM, "Niall Donaghy" <niall.donaghy at geant.org> wrote:

    Hi Brandon,
    I've never seen this.
    	- Does 'show chassis hardware extensive' also mis-report?
    	- Have you tried (perhaps not until JTAC have a look at current state of the device) 'restart chassis-control soft' and/or 'gracefully'?
    		- I don't know for sure, but I will take an educated guess that i) this process includes the I2C functions, and that ii) the PEM reports its serial number via I2C?
    	- Alternatively you might reseat the PEM, if the chassis configuration supports this as non-service-affecting?
    Hopefully JTAC will bear fruit, or someone else who has actually experienced this can advise.
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    Hi All,
    After replacing a PEM in an MX480 running 14.2R7.5, we noticed that the serial number for the replaced PEM still shows the old serial when issuing a ‘show chassis hardware’ and doesn’t reflect the correct serial for the new PEM. I’ve not gotten anything back from JTAC yet on this, and so far going through other MX480 and MX960 chassis on different versions of code don’t appear to have this issue.
    Anyone seen this behavior before?
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